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How to improve the realism of your miniature décor?

A diorama allows to stage real landscapes and scenes of everyday life. However, this reconstruction requires an appropriate technique.

How to make his diorama even more realistic?

How to improve the realism of a battlefield?

Tele is a mini theater stage, dioramas are essential to create or reproduce scenarios with figurines. The diorama is a mini-world, that is to say a frozen landscape that makes it possible to realize a miniature décor of staging or situation setting of an exhibition model. It presents figurines of soldiers in their usual environment, among other things on a battlefield.

Items to add in a battlefield diorama

After you buy your soldiers figurines, preferably in different action poses, it's time to set up one or more dioramas to put your miniature soldiers in situation. Battlefields are obviously the ideal military dioramas. To make them even more realistic, you can use the following mock-up accessories and war décor elements:

A garage workshop with toolbox;

Sacks for setting up a dam and putting out fires;

Fuel drums;

An observation post;

A command post;

Sykboard or barbed wire


Kits for battlefield dioramas

Here are some kits of décor elements to make your military dioramas or battlefield even more realistic.

The accessory figurines of 2nd GM diorama 1/72 scale: The figurine box contains 40 to 50 figurines of soldiers and riders in various poses.

My battlefield buildings: 1/72 scale to serve as a military base and command base.

Kit of bunkers and accessories 2nd GM: The box contains two bunkers, oil barrels, ammunition, barbed wire, etc.

How to improve the realism of a city or a village?

To create town or village dioramas, you need to know some basic rules. Here are the steps to follow to set up a realistic diorama.

1/ Choose a scale and respect the proportions

For dioramas to be realistic, it is important to choose their scale carefully. For buildings (houses, churches, castles, etc.) the scale 1/135 or 1:200 or 1/400 are the most frequently used. Also, be sure to balance the scales carefully to avoid inconsistencies.

E.g., houses should be smaller than churches, and cars should be proportional to the size of the roads. Be aware that with the 1/87 scale, you will have a better chance of finding more decorative accessories.

2/ Gather accessories and materials

Esay to integrate as many materials and accessories as possible, but be careful not to overload your dioramastoomuch. For the city diorama, you can add details like :

Note signs;

The highway slides;

From vegetation;



To create a campaign diorama, village elements include:

The farm animals;

The mills;

The vegetations;

The wells;


3/ Choose a background

You can paint or draw your background or background of dioramas or print an image on the internet. A quality background, preferably a real photo, will make your miniatures décor even more realistic.

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