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Everything you need to know about award-winning games

Every year, the best award-winning board games are rewarded and win the Golden Ace during the International Games Festival in Cannes.

What are the best award-winning board games?

Award-winning games: what is the Golden Ace Game of the Year?

Each year, the IFJ or International Games Festival rewards the best award-winning board games. The Golden Ace is the reference label offered to the winners. The criteria for selecting board games are:

  • The pleasure of playing;
  • The quality of the material;
  • Readable rules;
  • The original mechanics;
  • Aesthetics;
  • The theme;
  • Creative stimulation;
  • Etc.

They are classified into three categories at the time of appointment:

  • Family or general public;
  • Child;
  • Expert.

What are the games nominated for the year 2020?

The best board games released in 2019 are rewarded in February 2020 in Cannes.

Fiesta de los muertos

La Fiesta de los muertos is nominated As d'Or 2020 in the consumer category. The author of this game is Antonin Boccara. Each game takes place in 15 minutes and the number of players varies from 2 to 8.

Res Arcana Sand Castle Games

Res Arcana Sand Castle Games is the big winner of the Golden Ace Game of the Year 2020, expert category. In this game, mages challenge each other to become the King of arcana. Each game usually takes place in 4 and 6 rounds.


Roulapik is among the 2020 Golden Aces nominees in the Child category. In this game of dexterity, competitors must find the fastest way to bring their hedgehog home.

The Valley of the Vikings

Nominated Golden Ace Game of the Year 2020 in Cannes, The Valley of the Vikings is in the Child category. This game continues to blow the world away. Indeed, he also won the Kinerspiel des Jarhes 2019. During the annual big bowling alley, players must move the Vikings to the pier, without dropping the barrels.


This multi-faction game goes from a campaign of 8500 players to 21,000 participants in 2019. The Root is nominated Golden Ace Game of the Year 2020 in the Expert category.


Oriflamme is crowned Golden Ace Game of the Year 2020 in the consumer category. This game by Adrien Hesling and Axel Hesling is played in 20 minutes. The number of participants varies from 3 to 5. The minimum age to play is 10 years.


Named Golden Ace 2020, Draftosaurus has already won 4 awards before winning this last title. It is in the Family category. It was created by Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc and Théo Riviere.

Little Town

Nominated Golden Ace Game of the Year 2020 in the Family category, Little Town is played at 2 or 4. The duration of each game is about 45 minutes. This game is remarkably fluid, as the rules are assimilated only in 10 minutes. It also promotes the interaction of participants, but crowns a single winner in the end.

It's a Wonderful World

Nominated Golden Ace for the year 2020, It's Wonderful World is in the Expert category. In this game, the participant leads an expanding Empire. He chooses the right routes and the right strategy to develop as quickly as possible and dominate the world.

Dream catcher

Attrape Rêves won the 2020 Golden Ace, children's category, at Cannes.


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