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1000-piece puzzle: Tips & Tricks

Disney, Harry Potter or Star Wars, the puzzles of 1000 pieces offer a wide choice of themes to adapt to young and old.

The essentials to know about 1000-piece puzzles

Getting started with the right puzzle format

Puzzles are a fun and particularly rewarding activity. Indeed, they make it possible to improve the process of reflection, developing in this case concentration and patience. Since they are suitable for both children and adults, it is worth choosing the right format according to the age of the player and his level. To learn about 1000-piece puzzles, it is important to know their different characteristics:

What dimensions does a puzzle of 1000 pieces make?

The puzzles of 1000 pieces seduce with their varied patterns, allowing to compose a real masterpiece at the end of the game. They also impress with their size of about 50 x 70 cm. Note that the average size of a room is about 1.9 x 1.7 cm.

How long does it take to make a 1000-piece puzzle?

The time of realization of a puzzle of 1000 pieces depends on the level of the player, but also on the light and the different contrasts present on the pieces. The average duration is about 1-2 days.

What are the puzzle brands that have the 1000-piece format?

Puzzle for adults or puzzle for beginners, the 1000-piece puzzles are now offered by many brands, including:

  • Ravensburger: Ravensburger is a German company founded in 1883. She specializes in the making and distribution of games and toys, including puzzles. It also owns several newly created or acquired brands such as Alea, F.X Schmid or Carlit. 
  • Clementoni: Clementoni is an ally in the process of growing children through educational games and toys. His games are designed to develop the logical and observational abilities of the little ones, but also their creativity and imagination. These fun activities are also effective in improving their memory, their auditory perception as well as their knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Castorland: Present on the puzzle market for 20 years, Castorland has a rich selection of puzzles for children or adults.
  • Educa: Educa Borras was founded in the late 19th century in Spain. It is one of the most famous toy brands in the country. Today, its products are published in more than 75 countries around the world.
  • Nathan Jeux: Nathan is a French publisher of board games based in France. This company specializes among other things in educational games, generally accessible from 1 year. Its catalogue also includes learning materials, both fun and enriching, such as puzzles.
  • Djeco: Djeco is a French toy designer present on the market since 1954. The brand is founded by Véronique Michel-Dalès, and is headquartered in Paris. The family business was taken over by his son Frédéric Michel-Dalès in 1989. Djeco specializes in wooden games such as puzzles, pull toys or card games.

What are the most popular puzzle themes?

The 1000-piece puzzles are available in several themes, the most sought-after of which include:

  • Disney;
  • Landscape;
  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel;
  • Animals such as cats, horses and dogs;
  • Eiffel Tower;
  • Star Wars;
  • motorcycle.


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