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The ideal scale models for a few hours of family fun

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Everything you need to know about collectible card games

Collectible card games or JCC vary depending on the themes edited and the custom packages chosen by the participants.

Focus on collectible card games

How to choose your collectible card game?

JCC or collectible card games are often based on a one vs one game system. Their objective is to defeat an opponent using spells and creatures. Thus, you need to drop your opponent's health points to zero. The creation of decks is essential in a JCC. To train them, combine cards and perform powerful combos in order to defeat your opponent.

The varieties of collectible card games are numerous. Choose a theme according to your expectations and the frankness that seems admirable to you. Take into account the opinions of other players so that they do not get tired during the moments of play.

The list of all collectible card games

Today, collectible card games are very diverse like role-playing games.

The Naruto Map

To play Naruto cards, each player must have 40 cards. Next, build your deck with a maximum of 25 ninja cards, without exceeding three specific cards. You win the game when you reach 10 points or when your deck is empty.

The Yu-Gi-Oh map

For beginners to the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, the Speed Duel is more affordable. Indeed, the rules are simple and there are few cards in the decks. The Speed Duel allows you to quickly understand the basics of the game.

The Star Wars Map

Play with the pre-established decks if you've just started the Star Wars card game. Next, switch to deckbuilding to optimize the sets of objectives. Remember, a deck contains at least ten sets of objectives.

The Clash Royale card

To become a better player a la carte Clash Royale:

  • Save from elixir;
  • Reserve the king;
  • Deploy units well;
  • Defend the arena;
  • Separate your troops.

The Digimon card

The digimon card game system looks simple. Created by Ryan Miller, however, it is complex and requires a good strategy to defeat the opponent. To start the Digimon Card Game, choose the Starter Deck to quickly assimilate the rules.

The Final Fantasy map

The Final Fantasy or FF-TCG map is based on eight elements:

  • Fire;
  • Ice;
  • The wind;
  • The earth;
  • Lightning;
  • Water;
  • Light;
  • Darkness.

To win the FF-TCG: Inflict 7 damage points on the opponent; Empty his cards.

The Slam Attax wrestling card

The Slam Attax wrestling collectible card is played in pairs. The duration of a game is about 5 minutes. The grip is therefore done quickly. The Slam Attax Trading Card Game was created in 2009 by TOPPS Trading Game. On the Internet, other collectible card games are available. Among the most widespread, it is possible to mention:

  • The Dragon Ball Z card;
  • The Shadowrun card;
  • The Seattle Shadowrun map;
  • The World of Warcraft map;
  • The Gwent card;
  • The Infinite Krosmaga card;
  • The Mythos card;
  • The Might and Magic card;
  • The Fight Vanguard card;
  • The Dinosaur King map;
  • The Fullmetal Alchemist card;
  • The Harry Potter map.


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