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How to choose an electric RC car?

Electric RC cars are appreciated by both children and adults. Find out how to choose your future remote-controlled car.

Choosing your electric RC car well: what you need to know

What is the range of an electric remote-controlled car?

In terms of RC modeling, the electric remote-controlled car is a miniature replica of a life-size car. It is powered either by a battery or by batteries. Its autonomy is therefore based on its type of power supply.

If the electric RC car uses a battery, you can drive it for a period of 20 to 30 minutes after a full charge. A second or third battery is to be expected if you plan to carry out a tournament. On the other hand, if you opt for a battery-powered RC car, the range extends depending on the brand and capacity of the batteries.

How to choose a remote-controlled car?

Although autonomy is an important criterion of choice, other points are also to be taken into account to find the ideal electric RC car. The strength of the model is an important aspect. Indeed, the miniature car is exposed to shocks and falls, especially if you opt for RC drift cars, RC 4x4 cars or other prototypes of 4x4 modeling.

If you plan to make circuits in the garden, prefer an RC buggy or a Truggy RC. Thanks to their large wheels and imposing size, these RC cars adapt easily to the terrain. If you plan to remotely guide the car indoors, prioritize a city car or a model in the style of Formula 1.

Which remote-controlled car size to choose?

The radio controlled car is sold in several sizes depending on the expertise of the driver, the budget and the means of transport. However, the more expensive and imposing it is, the more complicated its transport is. Moreover, the size of a remote-controlled car for adults differs from that chosen for a child or a competitor. Here are the scales we recommend:

Miniature car 1/43: ideal for a child or collector, because it is small and affordable.

Miniature car 1/18: this replica is suitable for the small tracks of your choice.

Miniature car 1/8: eight times smaller than the real car, it offers a wide fleet of choices for those looking for vintage cars.

Miniature car 1/6 and miniature car 1/5: of imposing size, it is recommended to those who already have expertise in RC modeling.

For an introduction to modeling, the 1/10 scale is recommended. Make your choice of radio controlled car from major brands such as Traxxas, HPI-Racing, Thunder Tiger, Carrera, Kyosho or Tamiya.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electric RC car?

The electric RC car is easier to handle for beginners. Indeed, it does not require any mechanical skills. A full charge is enough to start this miniature car. It makes less noise and is suitable for an urban environment. In addition, no specific maintenance is required to maintain it in good condition.

However, its autonomy is its greatest weakness. It is limited to 30 minutes while the charging time lasts up to one hour. The electric RC car is also more expensive, especially if parts are broken or worn out.

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