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How to choose a miniature train?

The choice of the size of a miniature train and its circuit should be considered. Discover here the current scales in railway modeling.

How to choose the scale of model trains?

What size to choose for a miniature train?

Fore all, it is necessary to ask three questions to properly structure the network project. The first criterion of choice is the space available for the miniature train circuit. If space is limited, it is best to choose the ho miniature train,the N-scale miniature train or the Z-scale allow you to create a network of size suitable for small spaces.

Sequelly, it is worth thinking about the desired materials and decorations. Model train manufacturers produce them according to specific scales. The Z scale (the smallest) concerns only one manufacturer, unlike the HO scale, which is more common. This is particularly true in the choice of locomotives, scenery, many universes and eras.

Finals, we must set ourselves a priority to develop a universe. To operate several convoys, it is possible to choose all the ladders, but always standing taking into account the available space. A lot of space is not necessarily synonymous with large scale and vice versa.

Which power supply to opt for model trains?

For the miniature train, there can be two power choices, namely analog and digital. The operation of the analog miniature train control is better to discover the world of RC modeling rail or ride on a simple rail network. For the creation of sections, the transformer regulator for miniature gear is more complex. This requires more advanced knowledge of electricity. The analog system has the merit of being easy to implement and less expensive.

The digital power supply is more expensive to buy. However, for locomotives equipped with decoders, it allows many model trains to run at the same time on a single network. For more details, this digital system also allows you to add a large number of options such as engine noise, sound signals or the lighting of headlights.

Which era to choose?

The purpose of railway modeling is to create a realistic miniature rail network. Thus, the choice of the time must be approached first before the purchase of the sets and future accessories of the miniature train model. There are five types of epochs:

The I period: this period corresponds to the period between 1832 and 1925, i.e. the creation of the first rail networks at the national level;

The II era: this era represents the beginning of the unification of the networks of companies, from 1926 to 1945;

The epoch III: this period is between 1946 and 1970. Many models of diesel and electric model trains are offered by manufacturers;

The ERA IV: this is the time when the TGV was born and the electric train gained momentum: from 1970 to 1991;

The V era: this era represents the appearance of regional trains from 1991 until today and the time when the SNCF is experiencing a significant boom.

What are the different manufacturers of model trains?

Rail modeling consists of a wide selection of scales ranging from large to small. A manufacturer specializes mainly on a particular scale or may offer several. Here are the best known brands in railway modeling:









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