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How to choose your Leonardo da Vinci model?

The Leonard da Vinci models have fascinated for centuries. Many modellers seek to reproduce them.

How to choose the material for his Leonardo da Vinci model?

What are the most popular Leonardo da Vinci models?

Léonard de Vinci is considered the first model manufacturer and one of the precursors of wooden models. Indeed, this illustrious inventor and scientist who died in 1519 is at the origin of many Leonardo da Vinci models that served as a basis or inspiration for many other inventors after him. Here are some of his most important creations and that are reproduced by modern model makers.

The helicopter model

In the long list of Leonardo da Vinci models, the helicopter is among themost emblematic. This superb wooden model is inspired by Vinci's original sketches. It is a model to be assembled that allows to understand the operation of a helicopter. Also called "aerial screw",the helicopter model uses a conical gear that rotates the wing. It is made from untreated and pre-cut natural wood.

The rolling ball Timer

The rolling ball timer is one of the most inspiring Leonardo da Vinci models for many players of the time. This rolling ball timer is based on the sketch of an exhaust mechanism. It uses the principles of gravity and kinetics to measure the passage of time and uses precision gears to power a platform that propels a rolling ball. The assembly is quite complex and requires a lot of concentration and precision. However, this model offers hours of entertainment for those over 14 years of age.

The Leonardo da Vinci clock

The Leonardo da Vinci clock model has a typical and fascinating design. This invention uses finely connected weights and gears to measure time. It has a horizontal rotary pendulum whose weight and fit define the speed of the clock. Like all Leonardo da Vinci models,the design is based on theinventor's sketches. Its assembly does not require glue or paint, but can last 2 hours on average.

The Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine

The Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine or "ornithopter" was designed to fly thanks to a flutter of wings imitating birds. It is a device in which the aviator lies on a board and operates two large wings using hand levers, pedals and a pulley system. The assembly of this model is less complicated compared to the rest of Vinci's collection.

The Catapult Leonardo da Vinci

The Leonardo da Vinci catapult is a wooden model to be assembled and which allows to understand the operation of these launch vehicles. Once mounted, she can shoot a clay ball up to 4 meters.

The Italeri model

The Italeri model is a model of a pedal boat with a paddle wheel mechanism. It has wooden blades or blades that repel water in order to move forward and that are connected by a wooden axle. The boat advances with a propulsion system operated by a belt.

The Revell model

The Revell model is also among the most emblematic Leonardo da Vinci models. It is a kit based on the Vitruvian man: Leonardo's most famous study. The Revell model is made of laser-cut wood and requires PVA wood glue for mounting.

What are the Leonardo da Vinci wooden models?

As the vast majority of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions are made with wood, it is only natural that this material should be used to make Leonardo da Vinci models. The wood is also easy to cut and pleasant to handle. However, its implementation requires specific know-how and extreme precision. In addition, there are several species and shades of wood to vary the realizations.

Leonardo da Vinci models

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