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The largest choice of Gunpla to give life to your robots

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The ideal scale models for a few hours of family fun

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Enjoy yourself, our experts will accompany you

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Everything you need to know to airbrush

Modellers often use an airbrush to paint small models or supports to achieve an impeccable result.

How to use an airbrush?

How to paint with an airbrush?

The airbrush is a mini sprayer that is used to accurately paint a limited surface. Many artists use this tool in the field:

  • Modeling;
  • The decoration of the rides;
  • Automotive paint;
  • Graphic arts;
  • Makeup;
  • Pastry.

Modeling is about designing artistic works with great precision. Thus, modellers use airbrush kits in order to obtain a better result, especially if the models are small in size.

Airbrush painting is totally different from using a roll from a brush. Indeed, the quality of each layer made is superior with the technique of atomization and spraying. In addition, the paint appears evenly and without any brush marks.

Modeling and models: airbrush painting

Spraying technique is the best alternative for painting a medium of reduced size. It guarantees homogeneity and reduces application time.

It also makes it possible to reach the corners whose access is difficult. Airbrush painting adapts well to small models.

Aérographie: how to make a drawing on a paper?

The airbrush is not only used to paint a model. You can use it to make a drawing on a canvas or on a paper. For example, use smooth sheets of 240 g/m2 and acrylic paints with water. The airbrush also makes it possible to draw on a wall and to make a trompe-l'oeil, clouds, etc. It is also used to:

  • Bodypaint;
  • Ephemeral tattoos;
  • Tanning;
  • Etc.

What choice of airbrush for modeling?

Two types of airbrushes exist on the market:

  • Suction airbrush
  • This model is suitable for beginner artists. Its tank is in the lower part. Thus, the airbrush paint is sucked up during application. It proves convenient for a full coloring project, as its buckets can hold a large volume of paints. This tool makes it possible to make all the layers until the varnishing.
  • Gravity airbrush
  • On this kind of equipment, the tank is placed above the sprayer. It is adapted to the profile of enthusiasts and professionals. Indeed, the gravity airbrush has an ultra fine nozzle and allows precision work to be carried out.

What are the basic rules for using an airbrush in modeling?

To use an airbrush in modeling, follow these rules:

  • Prepare your paint: a fluid mixture gives you a good jet and keeps the nozzle open. So use solvent when needed.
  • Try to master your tool: reassemble and completely disassemble your airbrush.
  • Also proceed with the cleaning.

When applying the paint to the model, hold the tool with both hands to stabilize it.

Respect the right distance: to get for example a large spray of paint, keep an interval of less than 15 cm. To draw a fine line, gently spray 1 mm from the support.



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