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How to choose an RC crawler?

Among the vehicle models in auto-modeling, RC crawlers are a great success. What you need to know about these miniature off-road cars.


RC Crawler: how to choose it?

What is a radio controlled RC crawler?

A radio controlled car is a model vehicle that can be controlled remotely using a remote control or transmitter. This miniature vehicle, like its larger counterpart, consists of a chassis and an engine. Unlike a toy, these elements can be dissociated on an RC model.

In addition, there are different models of radio controlled car, including radio controlled crawlers. Reproducing all the characteristics of the real crawler, this scale model moves slowly. It is designed to overcome various obstacles and rough terrain on which other vehicles would be unable to operate. Thanks to this quality of off-road car, RC crawlers are acclaimed in the world of self-modeling. They are particularly appreciated by drivers who prefer to use their remote-controlled car outdoors, on difficult and rocky terrain.

What are the different types of RC crawlers?

Radio controlled crawlers or remote-controlled crawlers are very diverse. There are different types, namely the scale crawler, the race crawler and the technical crawler.

The Scale Crawler: Focusing mainly on aesthetics, the Scale Crawler is a magnificent mini crawler extremely realistic and detailed. Its proportions and the size of its wheels are very close to real off-road cars, such as those of the 4x4 for example.

The Technical Crawler: This scale model specializes in obstacle crossing. Rather slow, but very technical, the Technical Crawler is equipped with large wheels to face the most difficult terrain.

The race crawler: intended for experienced drivers, the Race Crawler is designed for racing and competition. Thanks to its stability and power, it is able to ride at impressive speeds and overcome most obstacles.

Which radio controlled crawler size to choose?

Radio controlled cars are available in several sizes. In the world of modeling, it's about scale. The most common on the market is the 1/10 scale, which means that the RC car is one tenth the size of the life-size model. In other words, the actual car is ten times larger than its scale model. As for RC crawlers, it is possible to choose from different sizes, namely:

Crawler RC 1/10 ;

Crawler RC 1/5 ;

Crawler RC 1/8 ;

Crawler RC 1/18 ;

Crawler RC 1/16 ;

Crawler RC 1/6 ;

Crawler RC 1/12 ;

Crawler RC 1/24 ;

Crawler RC 1/14 ;

In addition, it is necessary to choose the scale according to the ground on which the car will drive. Thus, for difficult terrain, larger models are to be preferred.

What are the characteristics of a radio controlled crawler?

The radio controlled crawler has different features that set it apart from other RC cars. Indeed, the height of the chassis or the ground clearance is generally higher than on other models, because it is a crossing vehicle. Indeed, the crawler must be high enough so that the chassis does not come into contact with the ground.

The crawler is also equipped with a brushed motor, not only to be able to use the engine brake, but also to provide more torque. Its tires and rims are also larger in size and can withstand rocky terrain. This scale model also has flexible suspensions to ensure its stability. In addition, crawlers require a waterproof steering servo with high torque, between 20 and 30 kg, for regular practice. In addition to these features, the crawler has four-wheel drive for better traction. An off-road vehicle par excellence, its differentials are blocked to avoid skating.

What are the best known BRANDS of RC crawlers?

Crawler rock monster, crawler moab, mini crawler, crawler king, rock crawler RC, crawler RC axial or truck crawler RC, a wide selection of crawlers is available on the market. Many brands offer very realistic and high-quality models. Among the best are the following brands:


Hpi-Racing ;


Maverick ;

Kyosho ;

Revell Control;

Tamiya ;








In addition, it should be noted that it is possible to customize your crawler. Winches, bumpers, chains, RC crawler bodywork or led ramp, manufacturers offer many RC crawler accessories and spare parts to improve this model, whether in terms of aesthetics or performance.

What are the best RC crawlers of the moment?

It is essential to opt for a crawler offering good stability to be able to ride on all surfaces without a hitch. For this purpose, there are many high-quality models, including the SCX10 Crawlers that are perfect for getting started. Indeed, they are available in RTR version, that is to say, they are complete and already mounted. The Redcat Everest 10 is also a powerful model. In addition to these vehicles, the Komodo of Gmade, the TRX-4 of Traxxas, the Wraith or the Bomber of Axial also stand out.

In short, beginners will have the choice between different models to get started in the model crawler. With experience, they will be able to mount their own crawlers and customize them as desired.

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