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What is the difference between an RC buggy and an RC truggy ?

The RC buggy and RC truggy are powerful, durable and waterproof radio controlled cars. They can ride on sandy or bumpy tracks.

What to know before buying an RC buggy and an RC truggy

How to choose your first RC buggy car ?

The RC buggy is the most famous category of radio controlled car . It can move quickly on off-road circuits strewn with obstacles such as sandy tracks, dirt roads, etc. However, the RC buggy may not be able to overcome obstacles such as tall grass or large stones.

To choose your first RC buggy car, here are the criteria to take into account :

Scale : for a start, the 1/10 scale offers a large fleet of RC buggy.

Motorization : the brushed carbon motor is recommended for an introduction to model making. It is suitable for teens and children from the age of 10.

Power supply : it depends on the engine. The RC buggy can be powered by a LIPO battery, Ni- mh or by thermal fuel.

What are the different brands of remote control cars?

Among the most famous manufacturers are Traxxas , Hobbytech , T2M, Kyosho , Tamiya , Brushless , etc. These brands sell different models and accessories for electric RC buggy, the thermal RC buggy , the Truggy RC Electric, the Truggy thermal RC and other RC cars.

Which Traxxas RC Buggy to choose?

The RC Truggies and RC Buggies Traxxas are durable models with powerful batteries, heavy duty shock absorbers, responsive steering, waterproof system and good acceleration capability.

In the category of RC Traxxas buggies , the Bandit is recommended. Its two-wheel drive allows it to roll quickly on smooth tracks. This light buggy is available in three versions, namely the Bandit 2 wheel drive powered by a brushless motor , the Bandit 2 wheel drive with a carbon engine and the same model sold without battery or charger.

As for truggys RC Traxxas , the Rustler and E- Revo can move on bumpy tracks. They display a larger size than the Bandit.

What are the criteria for choosing the RC Buggy for my child??

The choice of a radio controlled car is influenced by the age group. For a child, the selected model does not need to be too powerful. The ideal is to opt for an electric RC buggy. The handling of the radio-controlled vehicle must take precedence over performance.

For a child from 4 to 10 years old, colors, ergonomics and handling are the criteria of choice. For a child over 10 years old, it is possible to choose a model with a realistic and solid design. Aside from Traxxas , you can opt for a buggy RC Brushless Buggy RC Hobbytech , buggy RC Tamiya , RC buggy T2M or buggy RC Kyosho .

At what maximum speed is the RC Buggy going?

The maximum speed of an RC buggy is around 100 km / h. However, some Traxxas models exceed this bar and can travel over 110 km / h (Bandit VXL).

What are the different scales of RC Buggy?

The RC buggy and RC truggy are mainly sold at a scale of 1/10 for recreational riding. An electric 1/8 RC buggy is suitable for over 10s. A 1/5 to 1/10 RC buggy is suitable for adults as well as teenagers. From 1/12, he can participate in a competition.


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