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How to choose an RC helicopter?

Want to embark on aeromodelling with a radio-controlled helicopter? To get started, it is advisable to choose a quality model. The point.


RC helicopter: which model to choose?

What is a radio controlled RC helicopter?

An RC helicopter or a remote-controlled helicopter is a machine that is remotely piloted. It can move backwards, forwards, turns right or left depending on the pilot's controls. Note that most models available on the market have a system that guarantees good stability during flight. Child, beginner or seasoned, there are different types depending on the level of the user. Moreover, being more sensitive to the wind than drones and miniature aircraft, the helicopter is especially preferred for indoor use.

Which size of radio controlled helicopter to choose?

There are different sizes of radio controlled helicopter. The mini models range from 15 to 22 cm, the means from 30 to 70 cm, while the largest can go up to 75 cm, like the airwolf RC helicopter. In addition, for those who are just starting out or want to use their device indoors, it is recommended to choose a mini RC helicopter. Indeed, in addition to being very resistant, its small size allows it to avoid collisions.

Moreover, if the user prefers to use his helicopter in larger spaces such as a city garden for example, the models of the medium range will be perfectly suitable. Finally, large RC helicopters can be used on spacious, well-cleared terrain.

What criteria should be used to choose your remote-controlled helicopter?

To choose your remotely operated helicopter, different criteria must be taken into account, including:

Its robustness: since the RC helicopter is a flying object, its robustness is an essential criterion to avoid deterioration if it hits objects or crashes. It is then advisable to choose a helicopter made of resistant materials such as metal.

The user profile: manufacturers offer many models, adapted to different categories of user. There are indeed RC helicopters for children, beginners and adults. For reasons of safety and maneuverability, it is advisable to choose the model adapted to the profile of the driver.

The operating mode: it is possible to choose between a thermal RC helicopter, offering a greater autonomy, or an electric RC helicopter, easier to fly.

The number of channels: the higher the number of channels, the more agile the gadget.

What are the best known brands of RC helicopters?

There are a multitude of RC helicopters on the market. So much so that it can be difficult to navigate. To get into helicopter modeling, you should not focus solely on design. To make sure to buy a quality model, it is advisable to choose well-known brands. Indeed, the manufacturers recognized in the sector stand out for the quality of their products, whether in terms of finish or performance developed by the device. So here are some brands that stand out:





Revell ;




Robbe ;

RC system.

Which RC Helicopter for a beginner?

To get started, it is recommended to choose a beginner RC helicopter, such as the birotor. Very stable and easier to control, it is able to stand alone in stationary. It should be noted, however, that a birotor is slower than an FP (not fixed), which is also suitable for beginners. In addition, it is better to move towards an RTF (Ready To Fly) model since the device comes complete, with a remote control, and it can be used directly without having to mount it.

RC Helicopters

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