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How to choose a tank?

Among the cars in scale model, the rc tank is very appreciated by lovers of war and combat vehicles. The point about this machine.

Char radiocontrolled RC: what you need to know

What is an RC radio-controlled tank?

An RC car corresponds to a US : remote-controlled car , which differs from the toy by its name "radio controlled". This miniature car, reproducing its larger counterparts, has a chassis, an engine, in addition to a radio controller. Unlike a toy, these different elements can be separated on a scale model rc.

Many RC car models are available on the market, including the radio controlled tank (rc tank) or remote controlled tank. It is a miniature model reproducing battle tanks, an armored vehicle that is mounted with tracks, intended for travel on all types of terrain. Appearing during the First World War, the tank is equipped with machine guns and cannons. These elements are of course available on remote-controlled tanks. In addition, there are different types of tanks, namely electric tanks, powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery, and thermal tanks, powered by gasoline, and operating with a combustion engine. Note that remote-controlled cars for children are often electric since they are easy to use and are more suitable for domestic use.

Which radio-controlled tank size to choose?

The scale is useful for representing as accurately as possible the size of a radio controlled vehicle. The most common are at 1/8th and 1/10th scale. Thus, a car on a scale of 1/10th is ten times smaller than a car on a scale of 1 while a car on a scale of 1/8th is eight times smaller. It is advisable to choose the scale of the miniature car according to the dimensions of the playground. For a tank rc, here are the recommended scales:

char rc 1/16 ;

char rc 1/24 ;

char rc 1/35 ;

char rc 1/72.


In addition, in addition to scale, different elements are also to be taken into account for char modeling, including power, speed, remote control, maneuverability, design and autonomy. It is also recommended to choose a model that is easy to clean. Indeed, tanks being all terrain, they can be driven everywhere (garden, on the ground, etc.).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a radio controlled tank?

Like any other rc car, rc tanks offer many advantages. Indeed, these models are ideal for lovers of rc car of war and combat. Solid and offering great realism, a tank can be used on all types of terrain. In addition, it is possible to modify it and make it evolve by installing a more powerful engine, a new remote control or by changing different parts.

However, it can also have some drawbacks. Thus, a radio controlled tank has for example a limited battery life. On the other hand, thermal models, being more messy, require a lot of care.

What are the best-known brands of RC tanks?

Char rc full metal, military tank, airsoft rc tank, tank rc, leopard tank, radio controlled tanks, a wide selection of rc tanks is available on the market. However, to ensure good quality, it is recommended to choose well-known brands. For this purpose, Tamiya is one of the oldest modeling experts. Heng Long, a Chinese company specializing in the manufacture of recommended tanks, also offers realistic and high-quality reproduction models. In addition to these brands, WALTERSONS TaiGen, torro, hobby engine, amewi, jperkins, mrc or force of valor also stand out.

Electric or thermal tank: which one to choose?

Radio controlled tanks fall into two broad categories, namely thermal rc tanks and electric rc tanks. Which power supply to choose for an rc vehicle? As a beginner, it is advisable to choose an electric model that is easy to use. Indeed, it should be noted that heat engines make much more noise, and therefore, are to be used away from homes. They also require a personal investment to learn how to run their engine.

RC tanks

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